PDB Extract Data Annotation Tool


pdb_extract - Tutorial

Tutorial for using the pdb_extract web interface for NMR

The pdb_extract online tool extracts key information from NMR applications. By providing the necessary files, you will receive one file in return: one mmCIF file containing coordinates, annotations, and refinement statistics (pdb_extract_coord_#.cif). This file is then used as input for coordinate validation and deposition to ADIT-NMR.

Step 1: Select the NMR option in the main panel at http://pdb-extract.wwpdb.org/.

Step 2: Upload your fully refined coordinate file into the box provided.

Step 3: Select the file format (PDB or mmCIF) and program used to refine the coordinates.

Step 4: Click the run button to start pdb_extract.

The next series of forms will capture essential information about your structural determination process, including resulting
outputs/LOG files used for structural refinement. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Step 5: Begin the extraction!

Step 6:  Upload this mmCIF file to ADIT-NMR for data submission.

Questions, comments, and suggestions should be sent to deposit@deposit.rcsb.org.